Infrastructure Solutions:

Storage Systems, Computing Architecture, Networking Solutions

We focus on developing individual IT strategies and implementing infrastructure projects. The solutions are based on effective methods and trusted technologies from the world’s leading equipment vendors.

We develop our infrastructure projects with an emphasis on the following areas:

AM-BITS offers the development and implementation of computing infrastructures:

  • Solutions based on the standard x86/x64 architecture – for any workloads, including building of platforms to maintain databases.
  • High Performance Computing Platforms (HPC). Introducing purpose-specific tools for big data processing into array infrastructure, the integration of single nodes into computing clusters.

AM-BITS offers a full range of data storage systems:

  • The core of a storage area network (SAN).
  • Traditional data storage systems in the form of a physical device, designed to work with online data.
  • Software-defined data storages, designed as software running on standard x86 architecture servers in the cloud environment.
  • Horizontally scalable data storage systems that allow to create a file system that supports up to several dozen petabytes for storing both structured and unstructured data.
  • Specialized data storage systems with enhanced functionality for data backups and repositories.

AM-BITS professionals offer adaptive hyper-converged platforms that allow to:

  • Ensure fast deployment by eliminating the fragmentation, typical for traditional IT environments.
  • High scalability and a linear increase in productivity, without interrupting the business applications workflow.
  • Improve the operational efficiency of IT departments through the use of convenient, optimized management tools.
  • Ensure the transition to an entire software-defined data center.

AM-BITS specialists are ready to provide virtualization solutions from the world’s leaders of the industry:

  • Virtualization of computing resources.
  • Virtualization of storage systems.
  • Virtualization of desktop infrastructure and application software (VDI).

AM-BITS develops solutions ensuring a high level of accessibility for critical business applications:

  • Applications and services clustering.
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP).
  • Building of catastrophe-resistant computing systems.

AM-BITS tech team develops the most balanced solution for protection of critical data:

  • Cross-platform infrastructure.
  • Systems supporting  data deduplication and replication on hardware level.
  • Verification of data backups.

Our cases in the category of Infrastructure solutions: storage systems, computing architecture, networking solutions

To create a high-performance wireless network with segmented access for guests and employees.


Implementing Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller allowed for:

  • centralized configuration, management, and, if necessary, enabled administrators to timely troubleshoot any issues while working with all the access points simultaneously.

Due to its good scalability, the solution provided customers with:

  • an effective opportunity for further growth and development of the wireless network.

The Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller supports:

  • secure guest user access, third-party wireless devices discovery, and voice and video data transfer within the branch office wireless network.

Building of a scalable enterprise network with reliable coverage with Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller equipment and 60 Cisco Aironet 1850 access points using 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.

Centralized management and high data bandwidth with a speed of about 1 Gbit/s for a large number of remote offices.

To provide the high quality and availability of Wi-Fi network coverage for guests and hotel staff.


According to radio prospecting and radio frequency interference ccheck test, we defined the number, type and optimal placement of access points complying with the terms of reference and Meraki standards.

Technology solution included:

  • Meraki MR52 Cloud Managed AP and Meraki MR33 Cloud Managed AP access points supporting all modern standards to cover the required area and provide access to the network with acceptable bandwidth of both ultramodern and outdated user Wi-Fi devices.
  • Meraki MS225-24P L2 Stck Cld-Mngd 24x GigE 370W PoE switches, capable to transfer power to access points via a standard twisted pair without installing additional power supplies.
  • A cloud-based management service with an intuitive interface for fast registering of new equipment, setting access policies, changing access point settings, and managing a network from any location using any available device.
  • The solution allowed to collect information about the visitors’ behavior, time and duration of network usage across users’ locations.
  • Functionality of Cisco Meraki enabled an interaction with users: to inform visitors about current offers and discounts via mobile advertising; encourage their participation in promo campaigns by giving away bonuses for "Check-in" and "Like" on social networks; attract customers with electronic coupons; send personalized notifications, congratulations, etc.
  • Equipment technical support for 3 years including 24/7 support from the manufacturer and equipment parts replacement in case of failure.

Cloud-based management, seamless roaming and smooth network scalability based on Cisco Meraki technology. High speed and security with Layer 7 firewall and Real-time WIDS/WIPS. Reliable coverage for 10+ floors, 200+ rooms and 250+ employees, along with segmented access for guests.

To enhance the performance and availability of the distributed network for a retail chain.


Integration of the high-performance line of Cisco Nexus 7700 series switches allowed us to build a productive fault-tolerant network while using vPC – one of the most advanced traffic aggregation and balancing technology from Cisco Systems.

The benefits of using the Cisco Nexus 7702 Series switches in the project:

  • Reorganization of redundant connections between DCs into trunk links;
  • Compact form factor (3RU) allowing to solve an issue in spite of the high density of equipment and almost complete lack of free space in one of the data centers;
  • Support for high-density Ethernet ports despite the compact size of the device: 48x1 GE, 48x10 GE, 24x40 GE or 12x100 GE ports;
  • Support foralmost all theLayer 2 and Layer 3 list of features, specific to the Cisco Nexus 7700 Series;
  • Low power consumption.

Integration of Cisco Nexus 7700 switches and vPC technology. Improved performance and high fault tolerance of remote (30 km) network data centers.

Smooth compatibility with all the network functions and equipment of the retail chain.

Sales growth due to increased speed of business processes.

To organize a stable and efficient network infrastructure operation flow, along with controlled access to resources, administration and support.


After auditing the customer’s network infrastructure, we developed an all-out solution.

The implementation stage included:

  • Complete overhaul of the network and infrastructure equipment.
  • Implementation of a fault-tolerant cluster of core-level network switches using Flex Stack technology.
  • Micro-segmentation and organization of virtual VLANs.
  • Configuration of aggregated channels (EtherChannel).
  • MTU size optimization to enable Jumbo Frame transfer and improve the network component efficiency of data storage systems and servers.
  • Implementation of protection against L2 switching loops and network storm.

Implementation of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure monitoring system and a high-availability switch cluster using the Flex Stack technology. End-to-end overhaul of the enterprise network alongside the installation of new equipment. Enhanced network security and scalability.

Smooth operation flow of services and applications for over 300 employees.

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