Cluster hardware and software complex Data HUB Analytical Platform

Big Data


OTT platform


Media company


300 thousands households


– Create a single system for working with big data, development of approaches for working with company data;
– Monitor and promptly respond to technical issues that arise during service provision;
– Identify problematic nodes based on coming data and detected patterns when sending content from CDN streaming systems to the end user and analyzing the operation of the CDN balancing system in online mode;
– Ensure full online data downloading and processing;
– Provide analysis of user behavior based on device data and media data used by service clients (Click stream analytics);
– Generate data for analytics, marketing tools, management solutions.
Setting up the software and hardware complex Data HUB Analytical Platform



Development, installation and configuration of the Data HUB hardware and software complex, designed to implement the functions of in-depth research of data accumulated during the life cycle of the Company’s subscribers, followed by the creation of analytical reports based on this data, demand forecasting and supply optimization for the purpose of creating new products.
The needs of business users and the technical support department:


As a result of the project, a unified system of data collection and log processing from multiple systems was created, the preparation of analytical reports on user behavior and preferences was automated, and simple, transparent and secure data exchange with both internal and external applications was ensured.
– Monitoring, control and reporting on the technical condition of the content delivery network.
– Visualization and personalized access to consolidated data for management and analytics.
– Tracking, analysis and forecasting of customer actions.
– Development of a recommendation system for end users.

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